Ceramic Coatings

Your car deserves the next level of protection.

If you’re someone whose car is your priority, then car washes and waxing aren’t enough. Ceramic coating is the most innovative protection your car can get.

It offers the best possible defence from heat, abrasion, water, and impact.

Ceramic Coating – Long Lasting Protecton

Ceramic coating is the superior, more lasting protectant for vehicles.

It shields your paintwork from:

  • Harmful UV rays
  • Chemical stains
  • Scratches
  • Bird droppings
  • And more

Because of its hydrophobic properties, water and other liquids easily glide against the surface without leaving spots.

Ceramic coating also makes cleaning and maintenance more manageable, with less effort and time.

Iconic Ultimate Protection

As the name entails, the Iconic Ultimate Protection package is a complete premium bundle that offers total protection of your vehicle’s exterior and interior components. It uses the most advanced car care techniques to keep your vehicle looking and feeling new.

  • Paint enhancement- freshen up older paint or enhance and remove light imperfections
  • Titan PX10
  • Dual layers of Vulcan TX155 Rubber Membrane
  • HyperGlass on all windows
  • Wheels removed and deep cleaned
  • Pyro on all rims
  • Pyro on callipers
  • Flexilis plastic trim coating
  • Leather treatment / fabric protection

Duration: 1 – 3 days


From $1,995

*All pricing subject to visual vehicle inspection

Iconic Platinum Protection

The Endurance Package is an amazing, cost-effective bundle that will grant your car outstanding durability and resistance to weathering elements. You have the option to upgrade for interior protection, window tinting, or Pyro for the rims to get a bespoke solution.

  • Paint enhancement- freshen up older paint or enhance and remove light imperfections
  • Two Layers of Zeus
  • Wheel faces coated with Pyro OR all windows coated with HyperGlass

Duration: 1 – 2 days


From $1,495

*All pricing subject to visual vehicle inspection

Iconic Gold Protection

Want a taste of the Iconic Experience? Then this package is for you! As an entry-level 5-year paint protection system, the bundle is cut out for those who change their vehicle every year or two but don’t want to spend too much. It’ll help keep your vehicle clean and avoid dirt buildup.

  • Paint enhancement
  • Titan HyperQuartz
  • Dressed exterior trim
  • Dressed wheels and tires

Duration: 1 – 2 days


From $995

*all pricing subject to visual vehicle inspection

Why Ceramic Coating?

With a protective coating, you no longer have to wax your car every few months. You don’t even need the use of a chamois or drying towel.

Our protective coatings are resistant to acid rain, bird droppings, UV rays and more and will protect your paint like never before actually repeling water and dirt in some cases. It helps keeping your car looking cleaner for much longer.

Advantages of ceramic coatings:

  • Your vehicle will be easier to clean.
  • No more waxing 2-4 times a year.
  • It’s cost effective.
  • An extra layer of flexible protection that in some instances “self heal”.
  • Titan coatings repel mud, dirt and water.
  • Keeps your vehicle looking new for years to come.
  • UV protection to prevent fading and loss of shine.
  • Removing bugs made simple, fast and safe.

Excellent communication, service and price. Ockert is professional and a pleasure to deal with. I had a ceramic coating and window tinting done and I am very happy with the end result.


Who’s This For?

At Iconic Detailing, we cater for everyone’s needs and better yet everyone’s budget.

We believe all cars should have some kind of protection to protect your paint from the harsh elements, to make it look cleaner for longer and fun to clean!

Frequently Asked Ceramic Coating Questions

What is ceramic coating? How does it work?

A ceramic coating covering the surface of a car which also acts as a shield against everyday elements like water spots, bird droppings, UV rays and bug residue. Since it's ceramic-based, the ceramic coating causes water to bead up and roll off so it allows for easier cleaning and protection to your vehicle.

How long does it take to coat a car with ceramic coating?

From 1-5 days, all depends on size and condition of the paint work.

How long does ceramic coating last?

All coatings are different and vary in price. Our entry level coatings protect from 12 months to our top of the range line 10 years.

How do I maintain the ceramic coating on my car?

At least once a month you need to wash your car with a pH balanced shampoo provided by us. We show our clients how to wash their cars safely on their follow up complimentary wash.

Client Feedback

Nadine Smith
Nadine Smith
Ockert applied a ceramic coating package to my car and I could not be happier with the outcome. My car looks amazing! Great service, Would definitely recommend!
Ben Hyland
Ben Hyland
Excellent work by the team. Great communication from Ockert and I am super happy with the finished product. I have already been recommending them to others and would certainly go back to Iconic Detailing again in the future.
Don Cornish
Don Cornish
Iconic detailed my Jeep ready for sale. There was an issue with the parking sensors on the bull bar and they didn’t hesitate to assist and pay what it cost to fix it. Very impressed with Ockert’s integrity, honest as the day is long!
Graeme Clark
Graeme Clark
Ockert is a true professional and very pleased with Iconics Ultimate Package
Head of Moose
Head of Moose
Unbelievable service, above and beyond anywhere else. Thank you so much for getting it done in an impossible time frame and to a standard I've never seen before. Ockert is a true perfectionist.
Vincenzo Dissidomino
Vincenzo Dissidomino
All the swirl marks on my new Honda gone. New cars today use less paint to cut costs, Tesla and MG even worse Need to put A coat of ceramic on top to prevent the swirl marks coming back.
Akhil Shah
Akhil Shah
Been going to Ockert over the years. Never been disappointed. The cars always come out looking brand-new again. Would highly recommend to anyone. The service is impeccable
Henry Chau
Henry Chau
Fantastic Job!
Iconic is next level. If you have a painted asset you must speak to Ockert at Iconic. My car was painted and I thought it couldn't look any better until Ockert worked his magic. Iconic is a must if you want to maintain your pride and joy.
Gavin Trim
Gavin Trim
Received an excellent car detail today. My hilux was returned to me spotless and sparkling clean. Thanks Iconic for the great efficient service. I highly recommend.

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