Full Car Detailing

Maintain your car’s high value and keep it looking as stunning as it should.

When it comes to complete auto detailing in Perth, no one does it better than the talented professionals at Iconic Detailing.

They’ll take your car from ordinary to extraordinary!

Their car detailing service will not just recapture that new car look and smell, but will also make future maintenance and cleaning a breeze.

The Ultimate for Car Detailing

Do you want to bring out the shine and colour of your car? What about a more comfortable interior? Or maybe improve its overall appearance and performance? With Iconic Detailing’s full detail service, you can achieve all those and more.

Get your vehicle detailed inside-out to make it look, smell and perform its best! Take impressive photos and sell your car to the highest bidder or flaunt it for the world to see. You are promised a service so thorough that you’ll be turning heads once it is done.

Whether you are selling your car, getting it ready for a trade show, or just want to dress to impress, your car’s preservation and protection are a priority.

Full Detailing Package Includes:

  • Snow foam
  • Wheel cleaning
  • Car wash with Ph neutral shampoo
  • Medium decontamination (iron fallout removal & light clay bar)
  • Intense interior detailing
  • Seat and carpet extraction
  • Clean and feed leather application
  • Window cleaning inside and out
  • Paint enhancement machine polish

Duration: 4 + hours


From $575

*All pricing subject to visual vehicle inspection

Who’s This For?

Selling your car or just needing that extra love? This package will ensure your car feels and looks like new again from wheels to roof.

We recommend this package at least once every 6-8 months to ensure no nasties start growing in those hard to reach areas.

Amazing service and the attention to detail is like no other. It’s so great to have detailing completed while I’m at work by a reliable company such as Iconic Detailing. I will be booking again for both of my cars!


Products We Use

As a renowned Perth car detailer, Iconic Detailing only use superb products that ensure deep glass-like shine for your vehicles.

Their flagship product is Titan Coatings. Known for its expertise in developing military-grade polymers and resins, Titan Coatings has designed a wide range of automotive coatings that are unique, durable, and hybrid.

Iconic Detailing are confident that their products are of the highest standards due to their various third-party product testing, including accelerated weathering tests, abrasions tests, and ISO standard tests.

Frequently Asked Car Detailing Questions

What types of vehicles do you detail?

All vehicles old and new.

What types of damage on my car exterior can detailing fix?

We can remove swirl marks and light scratches.

How long does it take to finish?

Every job is different. From a few hours to a few days.

Which is better; wax, sealant, or ceramic coating?

We love the benefits of a ceramic coating because it last longer than a sealant or wax and is has more benefits in protecting the paint work.

How long before my car needs detailing again?

Most of our clients prefer a maintenance detail every 2-4 weeks after the initial mini or full detail.

Client Feedback

Nadine Smith
Nadine Smith
Ockert applied a ceramic coating package to my car and I could not be happier with the outcome. My car looks amazing! Great service, Would definitely recommend!
Ben Hyland
Ben Hyland
Excellent work by the team. Great communication from Ockert and I am super happy with the finished product. I have already been recommending them to others and would certainly go back to Iconic Detailing again in the future.
Don Cornish
Don Cornish
Iconic detailed my Jeep ready for sale. There was an issue with the parking sensors on the bull bar and they didn’t hesitate to assist and pay what it cost to fix it. Very impressed with Ockert’s integrity, honest as the day is long!
Graeme Clark
Graeme Clark
Ockert is a true professional and very pleased with Iconics Ultimate Package
Head of Moose
Head of Moose
Unbelievable service, above and beyond anywhere else. Thank you so much for getting it done in an impossible time frame and to a standard I've never seen before. Ockert is a true perfectionist.
Vincenzo Dissidomino
Vincenzo Dissidomino
All the swirl marks on my new Honda gone. New cars today use less paint to cut costs, Tesla and MG even worse Need to put A coat of ceramic on top to prevent the swirl marks coming back.
Akhil Shah
Akhil Shah
Been going to Ockert over the years. Never been disappointed. The cars always come out looking brand-new again. Would highly recommend to anyone. The service is impeccable
Henry Chau
Henry Chau
Fantastic Job!
Iconic is next level. If you have a painted asset you must speak to Ockert at Iconic. My car was painted and I thought it couldn't look any better until Ockert worked his magic. Iconic is a must if you want to maintain your pride and joy.
Gavin Trim
Gavin Trim
Received an excellent car detail today. My hilux was returned to me spotless and sparkling clean. Thanks Iconic for the great efficient service. I highly recommend.

Bring your car's shine back to new today!

All new car protection and detailing needs are different. Contact Iconic Detailing today to request a free quote on your requirements.

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