Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating Specialists


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Operating within a 50km radius of both Melbourne and Perth.

Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating Specialists

Ceramic Coatings

Our Pro-Grade Ceramic Coating packages will restore and protect your vehicle’s interior and exterior.

Paint Corrections

We use the latest products and techniques to correct and protect your vehicle’s paintwork. 


We offer a range of Ceramic Coating and Paint Correction packages to restore your vehicle to showroom condition. 

What is Ceramic & Why You Need It

Unlike traditional coatings, ceramic coating is silica-based and offers superior heat, abrasion, water and impact resistance.

This transparent layer of armor resists UV rays, repels road grime, and prevents scratches and swirl marks from eating into your car’s paintwork.

* Repels dirt.

* Promotes water beading.

* Prevents rust and oxidation.

* Lasts longer than traditional waxes.

* Gives an unmatched high gloss finish.

When properly applied and cared for, this semi-permanent ceramic shield will last for years, requiring little more than a quick rinse when dirtied.


“Ockert did a really amazing job of applying ceramic coating on my new car. After applied the coating, my car is even more glossy shiny. He also gave me some advise how to maintain the car. Highly highly recommend Iconic Detailing Perth. Thank you.”

Andrew, Perth

“Ockert really did a fabulous job on my already new car, really gives a shine touch to it and after a week I notice the amount of dust collected is significantly less than usual, I believe it is because he applied the final coating after he washed my car and that really helps to shear out the dust. Thank you again!”

Cheng, Perth

“Highly recommend Iconic Detailing Perth. Amazing service and attention to detail both when working on our older vehicle and protecting my new one! Friendly, efficient and no fuss with fantastic results.”

Kate, Perth


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